Dandy Armchair, Fabric Cat 1

Article code MP_F_DS_C
Thanks to its soft, appealing curves the Dandy Armchair can be freely placed in the room, creating interesting areas and flowing pathways around it.
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Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
Size W: 96 cm x D: 90 cm x H: 72 cm x S H: 42 cm
Lead Time 6 - 8 weeks

The stylish and comfortable Dandy collection brings homely references to any public space or office.

When Massproductions Head of Design, Chris Martin designed the Dandy in 2015, he asked himself “How do we want to sit?” and “How do we want to move in a room?”. The answer to Chris’ questions was the Dandy, a sofa with a contemporary design, that encourages interactions as its curvacious form encourages its guests to face each other. When placed in an open space the Dandy collection can create new movement patterns in the room.